Dunlop Phoenix Tournament 2018

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Brendan Jones Interview part 2

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Q. For you it is chance for your victory since 2016 ANA Open. How do you plan for it tomorrow?
A. This year has been pretty good for me. Had a lot of top 10s. I had a chance at ABC few weeks ago. I got to the lead once, but I made every mistake possible. I think that experience will put me in good step for tomorrow. Because I went away for a week after that, I went over that round, saw where I went wrong. I played like a rookie. I played like a first-time player in that situation and made stupid mistakes which I don't usually make. So, I said at that time, probably a week after that it was the best thing that happened to me because, I was near the lead with a lot of young players who hadn't won before and I just assumed that I had such a long career and I have won a lot of times up here and that I am just going to win. But it just doesn't happen that way. It was good wake up call for me. Because as I said I just assumed that I am right there and 3 under par thru 6 in last round, and I am ready to win the tournament. And then I just butchered. I absolutely played the worst closing 12 holes of I have played in years and years. So, hopefully that I will remember all the mistakes I made at ABC and not going to be making those mistakes tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Q. So, you will be prepared for tomorrow?
A. You got to learn from your mistakes. That's one thing that I always thought I am good at. And it was just off 12 holes. When I get into contention to win tournaments, I think I play really smart. I went away from that. My bad shots were in the wrong spots and I was making bogeys. It was really blowing the tournament. That's what happens you don't finish all the tournaments you are in. Sometimes you have those bad days. But if you don't learn from them, you are never going to get better. I realize where my mistakes were, and fingers crossed, so that I can execute tomorrow. I am not going to get perfect shots all day. But when I do get my bad shots, I must make sure that they are in right spots.