SMBCシンガポールオープン 2020



Ryo Ishikawa scores 67 best out of 4 rounds but shows regrets

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Ryo Ishikawa's first tournament of this 2020 Olympics year ended with total 3 under 24T. He did make his first eagle of the season on 4th hole, on his back nine, which gave him the best score of 67 out of the 4 rounds at Sentosa GC.
"But still I had a tough day today" recalled Ryo with stiff face expression as he was too far away from the contention.

Last year when he came to this tournament, he was still building his game back from the scars and scratches he had from getting beat at the US PGA Tour.
"I know my tee shots are way better than year ago. I can feel the confidence in it than before."

Ryo has won the season ending JT Cup to grab 3 victories last year and has shown that he has made his "comeback". He is getting his A game back little by little, but he is literary running out of time as 2020 Olympics is getting closer.

At this moment, Olympic Representative slots goes to Hideki Matsuyama at 21st on WR and Shugo Imahira at 33rd on WR. Ryo's chance to make it into the 2 slots are very small, but he is eager to do whatever it takes.

Next tournament on JGTO schedule is Token Homemate Cup in April.
"I will challenge as many tournaments as I can until the Token to build up my points."
Ryo's winter to spring schedule will be very tight for sure.

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