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  • Japan PGA Championship 2005

    73rd PGA Championship

    Date:2005 May 12-15 Site:Tamana Country Club Kumamoto prefecture, Japan 7,018yds Par72 Total Prize Money: JPY 110,000,000Winnin...

    • The Crowns 2005

      2005 The Crowns

      Date: 2005 April 28- May 1 Site: Nagoya Golf Club (Wago Course) Aichi prefecture, Japan 6,547yds Par70 Total Prize Money: JPY...

      • Tsuruya Open 2005

        Japan Golf Tour Tsuruya Open Golf Tournament

        Date:2005 April 21-24Site:Yamanohara Golf Club Yamanohara Course Hyogo prefecture, Japan 6,759yds Par71 Total Prize Money: JPY100,...

        • Token Homemate Cup 2005

          Token Homemate Cup 2005

          Date:2005 March 24-27 Site:Token Tado Country Club Nagoya Mie prefecture, Japan 7,083yds Par71 Total Prize Money: JPY100,000,000...

          • Asahi-Ryokuken Yomiuri Aso-Iizuka Memorial Open 2004

            Asahi Ryokuken Yomiuri Aso Iizuka Memorial Open Golf Tournament

            Date: 2004 Nov 4 - 7 Site: Aso Iizuka Golf Club Fukuoka prefecture, Japan 7,106yds Par72 Total Prize Money: JPY100,000,000...

            • ABC Championship Golf Tournament 2004

              ABC Championship

              Date: 2004 Oct 28 - Oct 31 Site: ABC Golf Club Hyogo prefecture, Japan 7,176yds Par72 Total Prize Money: JPY120,000,000Winning Prize ...

              • Bridgestone Open 2004

                Bridgestone Open Golf Tournament 2004

                Date: 2004 Oct 21 - Oct 24 Site: Sodegaura Country Club (Sodegaura Course) Chiba prefecture, Japan 7,180yds Par72 Total Prize M...

                • Bridgestone Open 2004

                  Shigeki Maruyama returns to home tour.

                  "Of course, I am playing to win this tournament". Surrounded by more than 10 TV Cameras and more than 50 media, Shigeki showed Maru-chan sm...

                  • Japan Open Golf Championship 2004

                    69th Japan Open Golf Championship

                    Date:2004 Oct 14 - Oct 17 Site:Katayamazu Golf Club(Hakusan)Ishikawa,Japan 7,104yds Par72 Total Prize Money:JPY120,000,000 Winner:JPY24...

                    • Japan Open Golf Championship 2004

                      2nd round play has been suspended due to Sunset.

                      20 groups did not hole out due to sunset. Remaining 2nd round play start 7:00am tomorrow morning. Players continue the 3rd Round from 10:00am.