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¡Name: Japan Golf Tour Organization
¡Chairman: Isao Aoki
¡Established: February 8, 1999
¡Purpose of establishment
Japan Golf Tour Organization was founded to pursue activities based on the below stated principles.
Peresence as responsible body for promoting international exchange through golf tournaments
We intend to support golf tournament activities so that tour players with worldly recognized skills may fascinate the world with their golfing skills as well as personality in the international arena.
Mandate to permanently provide the beauty of golf
We intend to constantly communicate the beauty of sports through golf to the audience world-wide. This will be made possible by creating true emotionally moving moments of sports entertainment.
Fostering the next generation beginning with children
Widely promote the active participation of Japanese players attracting attention abroad to further expand the presence of Japanese being and help pave ways for the next generation.
Contribution to the international and regional community through golf
Contribute to both the international and regional communities through supporting active performance of tour players that fascinate the world and all related activities.
Co-existence with partners to create golfing culture
Assume responsibility of acting as a pioneer for creating new golfing culture together with partners that share a common view of further spreading and promoting of golf.
Our organization is a governing body for golf tournament undertakings in Japan. As such, our purpose is to contribute to an orderly development of tour tournament businesses both domestic and abroad as well as to the improvement of tour playersf financial situation. Furthermore, through attempts to improve tournament surroundings, advancement of tournament standards, spreading and promoting of tournament sports shall be pursued. Concurrently, we seek to promote golf tournament related international exchange by maintaining close relations with golf tournament management bodies abroad, As a result of all, we aim at being conducive to creating and developing a rich sports culture.
¡Description of Activities
1 Activities required for an orderly development of tournaments as stated in the below:
(a) Management and operation of competition concerning tour tournaments.
(b) Formulation of an annual schedule concerning tournaments.
(c) Establishing of tournament related Regulations as well as creation of official records.
2 Sponsoring of tournaments as well as other golfing events.
3 Activities related to the below described individuals desiring to play in the tournaments.
Creation of tour playersf qualification standards for the said fiscal year as well as accordingly certifying the players that meet these standards.
(b) Execution of qualifying tournaments.mi.e. concerning tournaments that determine whether those that desire to play in the tour tournaments for the said fiscal year (excluding those that have been certified under (a)j satisfy the requirements under qualification standards (a) (excluding qualification standards concerning (a))]
4 Protection of tour playersfright to refuse being photographed and other rights.
5 Execution of charity games.
6 Providing of golf guidance for boys and girls and involvement in other volunteer activities.
7 Dispatching of tour players to tournaments abroad as well as execution of international exchange events concerning golf tournaments.
7 Maintaining of close relations with overseas international golf tour management bodies as representatives of the Japanese tour.
9 Other activities necessary for achieving the purposes of JGTO.
¡Organizational chart
Quality improvement of golf competition management
1 Reinforcing communication with sponsors
2 Promoting pioneering of new tournaments
3 Improving Directors' and tournament committee members' skill level.
Strengthening and enhancement of organizational structure
1 Reinforcing work control and authority transfer of Directors for smoother operations
2 Strengthening human resource
3 Strengthening computer systems and promoting online activities.
Builiding of financial platform
1 Promoting brand management and marketing activities
2 Pioneering new official sponsors
3 Promoting smart business management
Meeting globalization requirements
1 Establishing a solid cooperation structure for the success of World Golf Championship WGC)
2 Enthusiastic participation to the Federation
3 Displaying leadership within the Asian region
JGTO aims to be a profit bearing corporation
The Japan Golf Tour Organization, as a professional sports competition body, shall not only contribute to the promoting and spreading of golf but also act as a focal point for contribution activities to the regional community and promoting international communication exchange. In order to fulfill such social roles and responsibilities, we aim to become a public-service cooperation.
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